Artist Statement

A self-employed artist and designer for 35 years, I work primarily in architectural, cast, and laminated glass. I am personally involved in all phases of design, fabrication, and installation.

Integrated harmoniously with the architectural statement and the natural environment, art has the potential to ease stress, induce a sense of calm and enrich lives. Whether in a public corporate or liturgical space, I seek to use a blend of the best traditional and state-of-the-art techniques.

Accustomed to collaborating with clients, design teams, architects, committees, and general contractors - often with different agendas - I strive for all to arrive at a unified goal without sacrificing the aesthetics of a commission. I expect to develop an approach to a site in consultation with other professionals; to benefit from their expertise as well as to share my own. This includes determining appropriate materials to be incorporated. Whenever possible, pieces are designed in a modular fashion enabling enlargement, reduction, or relocation without impacting the integrity of the concept.

I consider my artwork as a visual point of departure as each individual brings their own perspective. Like cloud watching ... one is free to discover an unanticipated aspect, to see something new within the familiar.


Professional Collaborations

Derix Glasstudios, Taunusstein, Germany
Architectural art glass

Fremont Antique Glass, Seattle, WA
Custom hand blown glass

Dale Moultine, Lakewood, WA
Installation, transportation and logistics

Perry Stained Glass Studio, Issaquah, WA
Restoration and fabrication

Fabrication Specialties, Seattle, WA
Metal/mixed media


"Mark Eric Gulsrud takes the colors of light and elements of chemistry to forge a bowl so beautiful it makes the heart sing. Although glass is a product of human creativity and ingenuity, Mark looks to nature for inspiration. It is the spirit of strength yet fragility, of form and function that he captures."
--Pat Burns, President, Miller-Dwan Foundation/Duluth, Minnesota

"We appreciate the professional way that you handled the design and installation process. You have truly blessed our church, not only with a lasting addition of fine art, but with your meaningful interpretation of our faith and worship experience"
--David P. Gellert, Pastor, Forest Presbyterian Church, Forest, Virginia

"Mark's hands-on approach to his materials from beginning to end, combined with his formidable technical and intuitive knowledge have all come together in a symphony of light and color to create windows that are nothing short of miraculous."
--Mary Lee Thompson-Goldsmith, Chairperson, Hitchcock Presbyterian, Scarsdale, New York